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Washington Redskins Change Name, Keep Logo
Oct 17, 2013 - 3:31
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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Washington Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, says he is ready to "bury the hatchet" with critics who object to his team's nickname because they consider it racist.

After being urged by everyone from Bob Costas (L-NBC) to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who is herself part Native American, Mr. Snyder is ready to "smoke the peace pipe" with those who have asked him to change the Redskins name. Therefore, beginning with the 2014-15 National Football League (NFL) season, the Redskins will be known as the Washington Tomahawks.

In explaining the change, Mr. Snyder said, "I wanted a name that would continue this team's long tradition of honoring oppressed people. I still believe that Redskins was an appropriate way to do that, and I feel just as strongly that Tomahawks will serve the same goal."

After revealing that he had considered other names with "an Indian theme," among them the Washington Red Men, the Washington Medicine Men, the Washington War Path, and the Washington Indian Givers, Mr. Snyder closed with the usual blah-blah-blah about "putting this matter behind us" and observed that "all men are brothers under the skin."

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Redskins quarterback Robert Lee Griffin III said he was "down with" the name change, noting that Tomahawks "sounds more ghetto than Indians. Besides, I heard we get to keep our logo."

According to Mr. Snyder, he rejected a tomahawk logo because "the last time we changed our logo—to a gold-and-burgundy spear with a feather on the handle (1965-69) and then to a capital R in a burgundy circle with two feathers attached (1970-71)—our fans were howling for our scalps."

The old guard Redskins "tribe" might still be howling because apart from a few sportscasters, politicians, and Hollywood types, there hasn't been a drum beat for change regarding the Redskins name. A nine-year-old Annenberg Public Policy Center poll of eight hundred Native Americans across forty-eight states showed that nine out of ten did not find the name offensive. A 2013 USA Today poll indicated that 79 percent of Americans believed the Redskins should keep their name.
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FYFI: George Preston Marshall, who owned the Redskins from 1932 to 1969 and who changed the team's nickname from Braves to Redskins, wanted to change that name to Whiteskins in honor of his refusal to sign black players, but in 1962 he bowed to political pressure and the 'Skins became the final team in the NFL to integrate.

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