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Pat Robertson Scolds Hannah Anderson About Her Language and Nails
Aug 17, 2013 - 10:04
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LEXINGTON, Va.–The Reverend Pat Robertson, 83, said yesterday that Hannah Anderson, the California teen-ager who was kidnapped by a close family friend on August 4 and held captive for six days before being rescued in the wilderness of central Idaho, "needs to get right with The Lord in reference to her language and personal choices. I have to wonder, did Hannah kiss her mother with that mouth?"

Mr. Robertson's remarks struck some observers as insensitive. Hannah's mother, younger brother, and the family dog had already been killed by Hannah's abductor, James Lee DiMaggio, 40, before he took Hannah captive after picking her up from cheerleading practice. Hannah, 16, did not learn about those deaths, however, until after Mr. DiMaggio had been shot and killed by the FBI agents who rescued Hannah.

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"This is no time for Pat to be preaching," said FOX News correspondent Sarah Palin. "The Bible says, 'Let him whose daughter is without sin cast the first stone.' That certainly leaves most people out, including me."

"I admit that young lady's been through a lot," said Mr. Robertson, "but look at the way she's behaved since being rescued. The Lolita nail polish and the gutter language she used on Twitter cannot be pleasing in the eyes of The Lord."

Hannah's online postings, which appeared on the ask.fm social network, began two days after she had been rescued, and stopped abruptly one day later. Before disappearing she called one reporter an asshole, used a vulgar word for feces, and dropped at least one F-bomb. That, said Mr. Robertson, is not acceptable.

"The Lord has given this child an opportunity to be an example for others, but she has chosen to squander that opportunity. Her sort of behavior will not go unpunished.

"Indeed," Mr. Robertson continued, "I have to wonder if Miss Anderson isn't being punished for her previous wanton lifestyle. The nose stud, the pierced ears, the belly button ring, the provocative outfits; if you dress like a whore, you're going to reap what you sow."
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