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Tips for Selecting Cranes for Hire
Nov 24, 2018 - 6:06
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Many construction companies today rent cranes and heavy equipment to complete large projects or install equipment. Any heavy lifting involved with construction projects needs qualified riggers and top-quality equipment.

There are many rental companies to choose from. If you are looking for crane hire Peterborough companies often have a fleet of cranes and other related machinery each used for a specific function. Some of the different types of cranes include:

• Crawler cranes
• Boom trucks
• All terrain cranes
• Hydraulic boom cranes
• Rough terrain cranes
Here are tips for selecting the right crane for the job.

The type of terrain

It is essential to consider the ground condition before renting a specific type of crane. You need to establish the maximum load the access ground and construction site can handle. If you don’t consider this, you might end up having trouble with a crane that is too heavy. Once the crane is already on site, you also need to check the ground condition at the location where the crane will lift heavy objects. If the ground is soft or rough, the best choice would be crawler cranes or rough terrain cranes.

Crane capacity

A crane’s lift capacity is based on the required reach and the load weight. If you also need to swing the load farther, you need a larger crane for the job compared to when you need to place the crane near the load.

Access to other areas within the project site

Before designing the plant site, engineers need to factor in adequate access before, during, and after crane installation. When providing suitable crane access is hard, you can also hire boom trucks or use a rough terrain crane as long as the roof is high and there is a wide access route to and from the site. However, you need to keep in mind that rough terrain cranes have limited reach and an equality limited lift capacity. An alternative solution when there is a problem with access is to remove a small portion of the roof and use either an all-terrain crane or a hydraulic boom crane installed outside. Although this will solve access issues, one of the limitations with this set-up is the distance and load capacity restriction.

Lift height

Lifting loads at a high height can be difficult and dangerous. This should only be done by a company that has experience and skill. Lifting loads at height requires careful planning. Setting up the site can take a long time, and you may need to secure a permit from local authorities. For projects that require high lifts, all-terrain cranes are the best fit.

Any job that requires using cranes for lifting is a dangerous undertaking. In this regard, you need to look for a crane hire company that has extensive experience in dealing with similar projects. Aside from the quality of the equipment, you may also request the rental company to provide a skilled crane operator to man the equipment. The safety of the entire plant site is a paramount consideration for every contractor and hiring an excellent plant hire company can help you ensure that you maintain safety standards until completion.

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