Courtesy of Postcards

Local Resident Thinks He's at the Top of His Game
By Phil Maggitti

WEST CHESTER, Pa.–Al Covington is the picture of confidence as he sits at a table outside the Iron Hill restaurant on a hot July afternoon. He glances occasionally at a passer-by between bites of his Jerry Garcia wood fired, artisanal pizza, and talks about his new attitude.

"I'm definitely at the top of my game now," says Mr. Covington, 39. "I'm more confident, less inclined to second-guess myself, and more willing to try new things. Take this pizza, for instance. Before, I'd always get nachos or a Brewski burger whenever I came to Iron Hill. Nachos or a Brewski; a Brewski or nachos; and if I wanted pizza, I'd get a slice or two next door at Peace-a-Pizza.

"But today I said, 'Hey, I'm gonna try one of those gourmet pizzas, and you know what, I'm gonna eat outdoors.' Before, I was too self-conscious to eat with all these people going by,"

Being at the top of his game means more than just food choices, Mr. Covington explained.

"When I did my laundry yesterday afternoon, it came out better than ever. I didn't really do anything different, but I was able to fold quicker and neater than usual. I had more focus. That makes me look forward to doing the laundry, where I used to put it off until I didn't have any clean clothes left. If you could have seen this Metallica T-shirt before, you'd know what I'm talking about,"

Although he has been unemployed for ten months—as a result of downsizing at the Burger King on High Street—Mr. Covington expects to have a job soon.

"People at the top of their game have something to offer an employer, and employers can see that. Instead of trying to get my old job on the fry station back, I'm gonna apply for the management trainee program. That's what being at the top of your game is all about."

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