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Deplorably Speaking
Our deplorable editor in briefs holds forth on a variety of topics from the ruination of sports to the frog-marching of male college students to the idiocies of third-wave feminism to whatever.
The Grammar Prick

Meaner than a powdery-smelling, dried-up, old-hag English teacher, The Grammar Prick will split your head if you split an infinitive. Visit The Grammar Prick

Postcards the Book
The book that inspired a website was written by someone who was actually raised by pugs. Postcards is a welcome addition to any nightstand.

Sample chapters . . . -1- -2-

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Trigger warning! The content of this website may cause raging panic attacks in hypersensitive snowflakes who suffer from androphobia, galactophobia, emetophobia, corprophobia, claustrophobia, fear of taints, and other psycho-sexual maladies too numerous and frightening to mention.

5 Ways to Make Your Tenants Renew Their Lease
Landlords save time, money, and effort when their tenants renew their lease. There’s no need to have their property listed again or respond to enquiries and give tours without being sure that it will end with a contract. Moreover, there’s no assurance that they will immediately find a new tenant, which puts their income on hold. Having tenants stay also means continuous business.
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Apr 2, 2019 - 4:03

Health Benefits of Skiing to Make You Consider Trying It
Skiing is a fun outdoor activity, and a lot of people get excited during the winter about finally trying it. If you are yet to try the sport, you will find it even more enticing if you realise that it offers tons of health benefits.
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Apr 2, 2019 - 3:33

Buying vs. Renting a Saxophone: The Best Option for Beginners
The saxophone is a wind instrument that lets you flexibly play different genres of music, ranging from jazz to rock. Whether you are a beginner trying to learn to play this instrument or it's for your kid that you are planning to enroll in a saxophone lesson, you have the option to rent or purchase this musical instrument. If you're not sure which one is the best option for you, we have listed their pros and cons so you can consider them.
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Apr 1, 2019 - 1:37

Keith Richards' Holiday Horoscopes, Revised
WEST CHESTER, Penna. - Born December 18, you share a birthday with Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, who is 148 in Smirnoff years. Like Richards', your life is one near-death experience after another punctuated by flashes of insight you cannot remember when you wake up. This holiday season is an excellent time to sooth out the wrinkles with an eggnog bath. You might also try to make peace with that co-worker you've been feuding with for so long.
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Dec 17, 2018 - 10:12

Immigrants Can Seek Help from Qualified Lawyers for Issues at Work
Even if you successfully received your work visa and started working in the UK, you might still face issues at work. When you face severe problems that could compromise your immigrant status and general safety, you need to have the best immigration lawyers UK firms have available helping you. Even if you are yet to become a citizen, you have human rights and rights as a labourer that others have to respect.
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Dec 3, 2018 - 8:09

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The Gift of GAB
image of GAB avatarA pox on those social justice warriors and you too, GoDaddy. We know who your daddy is. GAB is making a comeback. Can the South be far behind?
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The Pug Bus Interview
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What Would Neitzsche Do?
image of F. NeitzscheForget Jesus H. Christ. Who gives a shit, besides Carson Wentz, what Jesus would do? In order to survive in a postmodern world, ask what would Neitzsche do.
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