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Postcards from the Pug Bus
title of web site: postcards from the pug bus
the alt-right's favorite satire site
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Trigger warning! The content of this website may cause raging panic attacks in hypersensitive snowflakes who suffer from androphobia, galactophobia, emetophobia, corprophobia, claustrophobia, fear of taints, and other psycho-sexual maladies too numerous and frightening to mention.

Deplorably Speaking: A Righteous Blog
Herein your fearless editor in briefs, who was deplorable long before deplorable was a meme, holds forth, but seldom holds his tongue, on a variety of topics ranging from the politicalization of sports to the emasculation of male college students to the idiocies of third-wave feminism to the reasons for (and implications of) the sudden prominence of white-interest™ movements to whatever fickles his nancy. You can check in any time you like as long as you're prepared to get deplorable.
The Grammar Prick

Meaner than a powdery-smelling, dried-up, old-hag English teacher, The Grammar Prick, the alt-right's official Minister of Grammar, will split your head if you split an infinitive. Visit The Grammar Prick

Postcards the Book
The book that inspired a website is available from Cedar Tree Books. Written by someone who was actually raised by pugs, Postcards proves that if life sends you iron-willed dogs, you might as well make irony.
Sample chapters . . . 1 2

What Would Nietzsche Do?
image of nietzscheThese are the times that would try men's souls if men had souls. Despite the well-deserved growth of athiesm and the alt-right, we cannot expect the still-dominant humanoid culture to go brightly into the new dawn. Those bastards will try to shit in our parade every chance they get. Should you encounter one of their steaming roadblocks, just ask yourself, What would Nietzsche do?.
The World's First English-Only Satire Site
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Kein deutsch hier;
Pas de français ici;
nessun italiano qui;
koee hindee yahaan
אין עברית כאן
vos autem eritis in irrumabo
Killer Kwanzaa App Suspected of Causing Computer Crashes
WEST CHESTER, PA—The Killer Kwanzaa app, offered free through the Black Lives Matter (BLM) website, is suspected of forcing its way onto the tablets, mobile phones, and computers of selected persons who visit the BLM site—whether they want the app or not.
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Dec 26, 2016 - 11:25

Facebook Presents the Twelve Genders of Christmas
WEST CHESTER, PA—Facebook is a festering boil on the right butt cheek of humanity, largely because Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is a sushi-loving Nancy boy who squats to pee. Not content with giving Fuck Bookers forty-nine more gender choices (fifty-on) than they needed (two), Zipper Boy stuffed twenty additional gender choices up the alt-right's ass. We are, indeed, spoilt for choice. Lucky us.
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Dec 25, 2016 - 11:57

Michael Moore Urges Simultaneous Toilet Flush on Inauguration Day
FLINT, MI—In his ongoing quest to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency, Michael Moore is now urging Americans to flush their toilets en masse when Mr. Trump takes the oath of office on inauguration day
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Dec 24, 2016 - 9:03

Trump Appoints Grammar Prick to New Cabinet Post
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF AFRICA—President-elect Donald J. Trump has appointed the Grammar Prick to the newly created cabinet post of Secretary of Grammar and Usage, which will replace the moribund Department of Education. Mr. Prick is legendary for his animadversions against those who violate the rules of polite discourse, spoken or written. His work is featured exclusively on the alt-right satire website Postcards from the Pug Bus.
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Dec 23, 2016 - 8:09

Black Lives Matter Calls for Boycott of White Avatars
NEW YORK—D’Aryll Scott-Jones, HMFIC of Black Lives Matter, called for immediate boycotts yesterday of all websites “that allow white supremacists to hide behind blank, lily-white avatars in their comments sections.” Mr. Scott-Jones made his remarks to National Public Radio’s Terri Gross.
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Dec 21, 2016 - 11:40

© The fine fucking print: The editorial content on this page is fictional. It is presented for satirical and/or entertainment purposes only. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of anyone who takes this sort of shit seriously. We also do not wish to be held responsible for any copyrighted material that sneaked onto this page when we weren't looking. If you can prove that anything on this page belongs rightfully to you, we will happily take it down and return the unused portion. No questions asked. Have a secular, alt-right day.


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The Gift of GAB
image of GAB avatarFuck those Twitter bitches. They ban all the cool kids like Milo, so all the cool kids are matriculating to GAB, where free spech matters.
Back by Unpopular Demand
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Read any three articles, get the fourth one free!

The Pug Bus Interview

phil maggitti smoking a joint

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, then enjoy the interviews nobody else has the balls to do. We're not just blowing smoke. Our fearless interviewer isn't afraid to stop totally at the surface.Read on.

There's a Saint for That

image of a saint, name unknownThere's a saint for that, whatever "that" might be. Just click where it hurts you to find out which board-certified saint to call. Breast Implants, burn marks from the grill,, hemorrhoids, and more.
Contact Us, You Motley Fool, or Else
image of a beat up, rusty old mailboxHey, Skippy. Here's your big chance. Let us know what you think or if you think. You know you want to. Go ahead. We dare you. We might even print your stinking letter. Send email to Phil Maggitti, Pug Bus Editor in Briefs
Free the Music
wipe out the riaa printed ona roll of toilet paperStrike a blow for freedom. Download music on the down low today. You can't beat the price. Get the skinny at Zeropaid.

Sites for Sore Eyes
image of a person in the sight of a gun American Freedom Party—Dedicated to the preservation of Western Civilization, its people, culture, and principles. Is there a problem with that?

American Atheists—Dog is my co-pilot. Indeed, the stories of god's creative prowess might be more credible if he had stopped after creating animals.

Breitbart News—Alt-right makes might. Who knew? Don't eat the yellow snowflakes.

High Times—Things go better with smoke and with mushrooms, wax, and edibles, too. The best weed porn in the world.

Milo Yiannopoulos—The Dangerous Faggott dances with the devil and a boatload of black dudes. Smart, silly, impudent, and well-informed.

National Policy Institute—“Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” And hail Richard B. Spencer, founder of the National Policy Institute, who spoke the words that set liberals' minds on fire all around the nation.

Pirate Bay—Because anybody who pays for music, books, movies, or software when he doesn't have to is a fucking mope.

Soulseek—Best single source of music on the web. Been using this "lending library" for a dozen years now. If you can call it to mind, you can find it (and download it) here.

Vaults of Erowid—Intelligent people do drugs intelligently; stupid people, not so much. If you've never smoked, snorted, or shot it before, check here first with some of your intrepid ffellow travelers.

VDARE—The premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform. I can think of a country that's sorely in need of immigration reform—and fewer murderous immigrants.